Women React Better to Romance on a Full Stomach, According to a Study


Women React Better to Romance on a Full Stomach, According to a Study

We’ve all heard that the path to the man’s heart lies through his stomach. Well, it’s time to destroy this stereotype, or more precisely complement it. It turns out that food affects not only men. And the way to woman’s heart lies through exactly the same place. Don’t believe us? We have proof.

Info-Ideal was surprised by the incredible connection between food and romance. And we won’t be silent and hide this interesting and useful information from you.

Scientists have found that a well-fed woman is better able to respond to romance. During the study, women were told to look at neutral and romantic images on an empty stomach. And then the pictures were shown again, but after the participants had consumed 500 calories. The work of their brains in both cases was reviewed using an MRI.

The experiment showed that women responded better to romantic images on a full stomach. The areas of the brain that respond to reward became more active in the second case. This reaction may happen because when people are hungry, it’s just hard for them to think about anything else except food. After eating, they relax and become more open to things. But that is not all.

Besides the connection between a full stomach and romantic relationships, it’s equally important how the food itself influences romance. Researchers showed that sweeter tastes allowed the participants to handle romantic words better than unromantic ones. In this case, women were more sensitive to romantic words, even if there was no taste. Sweetness also contributed to a positive assessment of potential partners and a greater interest in establishing relationships with them.

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Another interesting thing is sharing and feeding. According to the study, sharing food denotes a friendly relationship. While feeding another person can indicate a romantic relationship. And if this food was cooked with diligence and in an attempt to do everything as well as possible, this increases the chances of showing the partner how important they are.

The food-romance connection works in the opposite direction too. Thus, romantic emotions make the taste sweeter, and food prepared especially for a particular person makes it tastier. At the beginning of a new relationship, women are more likely to succumb to the food choice of their partner. But when relationships become strong and stable, everything changes and men fall under the influence of their favorite woman’s eating habits.

Of course, romance means mutual feelings, chemistry, emotions, interests, and surprising pleasant deeds. But, as we have already understood, we can’t underestimate the power of food in this matter. Surely it can’t always save a terrible date or connect 2 people who are not suitable for each other. But it can easily make a romantic evening even more romantic. The main thing is to not forget to order dessert.

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Women React Better to Romance on a Full Stomach, According to a Study


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