YouGov Reveals Yorkies Are Country’s Favourite Food

In what can only be described as the beigest infographic of all time, Brits have revealed their favourite food – all the way from God Tier to Crap Tier – and some of the revelations might just surprise you.

With the highest percentage from people surveyed who had tried all of them – the baked good that is the Yorkshire pudding bagged 85 percent of the vote. Coming in with 84 percent we have Sunday roasts and fish and chips in joint second place, both great choices – but I am seeing a theme here regarding carb content.

A surprising entrant in the God Tier is the crumpet? A versatile vehicle for various toppings I suppose – but all those little holes (vom). Well 81 percent of Brits are obviously not fussed about the holes, putting the surprise top tier food on a par with a full English breakfast and bacon sandwiches. Both fair choices in my opinion.

Moving on to the second tier, we have both cottage and shepherd pies – pretty bland IMO, as well as bangers and mash, which I think is only made acceptable top tier stuff with the addition of loads of gravy.

The classic bacon butty. Credit: Pixabay
The classic bacon butty. Credit: Pixabay

Heading right down to the bottom of the table – we have the predictable types, you know all the ones that involve innards and blood and delightful stuff like that.

Sitting down there in the ‘Crap Tier’, or as I like to call it, the inedible tier, are gross stuff like livers, steak and kidney pudding, haggis, and jellied eels. I mean, jellied anything shouldn’t be eaten by any human, let alone EELS. Bleurgh. And it seems that only 6 percent of people who’ve tried the ‘dish’ have a taste for it.

Jellied eels. Just no. Credit: Wikipedia
Jellied eels. Just no. Credit: Wikipedia

According to the statistics, women are much less likely to enjoy the stuff on the lower tier, for example, black pudding – 56 percent of men liked it versus 38 percent of women.

There also seems to be a trend towards older people liking things like liver and onions, with younger people less likely to enjoy more traditional foods.

Sitting pretty in the mid to lower tiers, we have stuff like that British classic chicken tikka masala, a good old Ploughmans and Welsh rarebit – all of which in my opinion deserve way more recognition.

And obviously, with there not being enough beige on our list of fave foods – where’s the sausage roll, guys?

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